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Splash Commode Backrest

The Splash Commode Backrest system is very soft & comfortable while cleverly enabling the prescriber to duplicate exactly the users sitting position in their wheelchair. 

Splash_Backrest_System_front_view.png Splash_Backrest_System_rear_view.png

splash backrest hardware

The Splash Commode Backrest shells, brackets & fasteners are manufactured using only water resistant materials such as Stainless steel & anodised aluminium. The backrest clamps to the backrest rails of the commode. It has up to 9" of depth adjustment, 60 degrees (+ - 30 degrees) of angle adjustment, width & height adjustment for an accurate set up as well as being able to be offset.

comfortable backrest pad

Dreamline_Support_backrest_foam_inner_edited-1.pngThe Splash Backrest utilises the same comfortable foam combination &  "bubble" technology from the Dreamline Wheelchair Backrest series. 

The foam inner is carefully protected from fluids inside urethane covers which are fully removeable for washing.






positioning for asymmetrical postures


The Splash backrest system has the cabaility to exactly mimick the seating set-up of the wheelchair. The small positioing pads may be added, subtracted & layered in any direction to achieve an accurate match to asymmetrical postures & body shapes.







Other accessories to the Splash Commode Backrest system are;

  • Fully adjustable headrest with contoured pad
  • Swing-away Laterals with pad style & size options
  • Harness
  • Hip belts, 2-point & 4-point.