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Dreamline Headrests are supportive & comfortable with an additional layer of pressure relieving Sunmate foam over the supporting surfaces.

The all new Axis headrest bracket hardware facilitates accurate head positioning from symmetrical to severe asymmetrical presentations.

All Dreamline headrests have water resistant covers which are easily removable for washing.

Adult & Child sizes are available.


Dreamline_Axis_Headrest_Hardware_side_view.pngDREAMLINE AXIS HEADREST BRACKET

The new Dreamline Axis Headrest bracket enables a massive range of positioning options for up to extreme kyphotic or asymmetrical postures.

Extra links may be added to further enhance the positioning posibilities.










Axis_headrest_mount.pngdreamline axis headrest quick-release mount

The Axis headrest quick-release mount neatly spaces the headrest stem 12mm (1/2") off the backrest shell so the headrest is easily removed regardless of bulky covers etc.






headrest pad options


contoured headrest pad

This shape has built-in deep contoured fixed lateral support with comfortable oocipital support.








Headrest_Pad_Swing-wing_front_view.pngswing-wing headrest pad

Adjustable wing support enabling the lateral portion to be set at any position, angled & rotated to accurately contour for maximum control or even completely inverted so the lateral portion is above the users ears. Once locked the angles are firmly set.

A one piece cover neatly covers the locking mechanism once the angle have been set.








square headrest pad

The Square headrest pad is mildly curved with occipital support offering basic head support for transport or tilting situations. 








  • Square_headrest_front.png
  • Swing-wing_headrest_front_low_mount_open.png
  • Swing-wing_headrest_front_low_mount_closed.png
  • Swing-wing_headrest_front_swivel_foam_only.png
  • Swing-wing_headrest_front_high_mount_closed.png
  • swing-wing_headrest_front_high_mount_foam.png
  • Contoured_headrest_front.png
  • Contoured_headrest_front_foam.png
  • Axis_Headrest_on_backrest_offset_top_view.png
  • Axis_Headrest_bracket_offset_rear_view.png
small headrest pad

230mm long x 140mm high (overall)


Large headrest pad

280mm long x 170mm high (overall)