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Dreamline Support Backrest


The Dreamline Support quick-release wheelchair Backrest system offers upgradable modular support for less active users with symmetrical or asymmetrical postures. It is designed to be used with external swing-away or fixed adjustable thoracic lateral supports. The BAC (Backrest Advanced Contour) Positioning System can be easily fitted to this backrest.




Dreamline_support_backrest_foam_showing_pressure_relief.pngDreamline backrests achieve excellent pressure management from many areas. Our signature “Bubble contour” shaping improves immersion & enables better flexibility enabling the backrest to closely match the contours of the body & a central channel relieves pressure in the spinal region. Careful foam selection incorporates high resilience foam laminated to a high density, impact absorbing, pressure relieving overlay for maximum care. Strategically positioned ventilation holes in the foam & the backrest shell, together with 3D Mesh fabric covers provide excellent air exchange. Additional Polymer Gel inserts are available on request as a modification.



Strong attachment to the wheelchair frame. 

The new U2 quick-release hardware is easily configured for both 2-point & 4-point attachment & fully WC20 crash tested to a user weight limit of 136kg when forward facing in a motor vehicle. The attachment hardware is even more compact / lightweight & doesn't take up much room on either the backrest or wheelchair frame. Three lock screws on each clamp ensure a strong grip to any tube diameter from ¾” – 1” without requiring spacers.





A variety of setup options including up to 7” of depth, up to 60° (+/- 30°) angle, 4” width & up to 12” height adjustment. Attachment brackets are able to be offset & may be set asymmetrically on the wheelchair if required. Long slots on the aluminium shell provide ample room for attachment of hardware & thoracic laterals etc.







backrest accessories



bac system

Backrest Advanced Contouring System to accurately & instantly contour the backrest to match asymmetrical postures.



Backrest_growth_plate_high__low_positions.pngbackrest growth kit

Enables the backrest to grow in height up to 4".





 thoracic lateralsbullnose_lateral_with_swing-away_bracket.png

 Both fixed & swing-away bracket options with comfortable slim pads.



harness-shoulder-strap-guides.jpgharness retainer kit

Attach the shoulder straps of a shoulder harness using the Harness Retainer Kit. Adjustable in height, width & angle for a perfect fit to the occupants shoulders & enables growth.




backrest modifications

Custom sizes available upon request.

T-Shape modification



Gel insert in spinal region


6 colour highlight options for non-supporting surfacesColour_chart_with_pink_Dreamline_Seat.png

backrest sizing options

8" x 10"    8" x 12"    10" x 12"    10" x 14"    12" x 14"    12" x 16"    12" x 18"    14" x 16"    14" x 18"    14" x 20"    16" x 18"    16" x 20"    16" x 22"    18" x 18"    18" x 20"    18" x 22"    20" x 18"    20" x 20"    20"x 22"

  • Dreamline_Support_backrest_front_set.png
  • Dreamline_Support_backrest_laterals_set.png
  • Dreamline_Support_T_backrest_set.png
  • Dreamline_Support_backrest_front_side_set.png
  • BAC_System_Support_Backrest_set.png
  • Dreamline_Support_backrest_2_point_rear_set.png
  • Dreamline_Support_backrest_4_point_rear_set.png
transport safety approved

The Dreamline Support Backrest has been independently tested & approved to WC20 & ISO16840-4 Standards for forward facing transportation in motor vehicles with a user weight of up to 135kg.